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Our understanding of work

Theoretical foundations

Our understanding of work is based on the theory of systematically resource-oriented work. Resource-oriented consulting, based on system theory.

Views from the systemic starting point

The guiding principle here is that all people are perceived in their context, with their behavior and experience and an event alone does not affect the person concerned. In the same way, we jointly illuminate the actions and reactions, so that connections can be perceived and integrated. Together, we recognize approaches from different perspectives in the consultation, so that the client can perceive and integrate positively into the network. The focus is not on existing deficits, but on the promotion of own resources.

What is resource orientation in the conversation?

Resource-oriented work means "helping people discover the great strength in themselves, in their family and their social network" (Saleebey 1992: 8). According to this, resources are both internal and external forces and potentials. They can also be supporting framework conditions, such as helpful persons in the social network, enough time or money "assumptions for resource-oriented work (De Jong und Kim Berg 2003:33f)

Resource-oriented consulting is designed to promote visibility, to initiate search processes that help the person seeking help and strengthen their sense of self-esteem and the awareness of personal ability to design. This is achieved by means of an appreciative, cooperative, meaningful and compassionate approach.

New perspectives and possibilities arise and to a solution, that is the order of the following discussion guide.

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