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Class levels 7-8

Additional questions about the movie “Let’s fight it together”

The material has been taken from the CD of the movie (received from

Joe (the victim)

  • In which moment did Joe notice he was being bullied?
  • In your opinion, what was the worst part of being bullied online?
  • Did Joe know who was involved? Who did he trust?
  • What did Joe do to get out of the situation?
  • What prevented Joe from telling anybody (not even his mother and his teacher) what happened?
  • When could have Joе told anybody what happened?
  • Who can he tell about this? Discuss who you can trust and whether it is a good idea to speak only with friends when something really serious is going on. What should a friend do if he was told about bullying?
  • How is Joe feeling now in your opinion?

Kim (the perpetrator)

  • What do you think about Kim? Is she Joe's friend?
  • Do you think that she bullies Joe?
  • Do you believe that Kim is responsible? Do you think that she is the only one who must be punished?
  • What do you think about Kim's reaction to the situation?
  • Do you believe that Kim meat it seriously when she was recording Joe? Who could say if this was a joke or not? Joe or Kim?
  • If Kim thinks it was only a joke, is her behaviour justified or excused?
  • How do you think Kim feels when the police come?
  • What do you think Kim thought about the way the story ended for her?
  • Many people behave differently online than in the real life, because they feel anonymous and have less inhibitions. Discuss the difference between the online behaviour and face-to-face behaviour. Think about what you do or discuss online and what you wouldn't do when you are offline.
  • Was Kim only bullying Joe when he was online? Was Joe the only one who was being bullied?

Rob (the spectator, accomplice)

  • How well do Rob and Joe know each other?
  • Describe how Rob feels the whole time. Do his feelings change?
  • Why does Rob behave this way?
  • Did Rob participate in the bullying against Joe? Did he notice he was bullying Joe?
  • Is Rob a spectator or an accomplice?
  • How did Rob help to make things normal again?
  • What could Rob have done otherwise?

The teacher

  • Was the teacher being bullied?
  • When did the teacher notice something was happening with Joe?
  • How did the teacher handle the situation?
  • How was she feeling, in your opinion, as a victim of bullying?
  • What happened with the website? What did she do in order to delete the website?
  • What can schools do in order to help people who are victims of cyberbullying?
  • What does the teacher advise the other people to help them stop cyberbullying?

Joe's mother

  • How did Joe's mother know something wasn't right?
  • How do you think she felt about this situation?
  • Why do you think Joe's mother wasn't able to understand what wasn't right at the beginning?
  • Why did Joe's mother think that the problem was related to the Internet or the cellphone?
  • What did Joe's mother do to solve the situation?
  • Who could have Joe contacted, as he couldn't speak with his mother?
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