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Class levels 7-8

Reasons for teaching this topic

Young people often do not know the damage they can cause by publishing pictures and videos on the Internet or what negative experiences can be caused by offensive or threatening messages. For them, it is often fun to take revenge against teachers, for example for bad grades, or to annoy a classmate.

Our children and teenagers use the steadily increasing possibilities of digital media with growing enthusiasm. They can't do without it in their everyday lives. Even though these media offer many positive aspects, they hide many uncontrollable risks. The joy of browsing and the rapid exchange of information, the constantly available information, all these aspects stand out in a sharp contrast to the psychical aspects of cyberbullying, which uses these opportunities to harm.

This learning unit has been developed to prevent this phenomenon.

Through real stories from the lives of children and teenagers, the students will have the opportunity to approach the topic of cyberbullying. By means of illustrative group tasks, they will face different aspects and perspectives on this topic and will this way develop directions for action and possible rules they can apply in their daily life.

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