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Role playing game

Frame data

Target group:
Children and adolescents from 12 years of age
Action framework:
Group action (at least 10 participants)
Children's and youth facilities, leisure time, schools
2-3 hours
A large room / hall or the like with enough space for a roll playing game (court negotiation / conference) and a chair circle or chair rows. It should also be a room in which it is ensured that no "undesirable" audience can see or disturb.
In addition to sufficient seating for all participants, you will still need 5-7 tables and possibly a PC with internet access and a beamer. Furthermore, we recommend providing a writing medium (e.g., whiteboard, flipchart, or blackboard) including pens / chalk and magnets / pinned needles. If the roll play is to be recorded, a video camera with corresponding equipment is necessary.
For further information on the materials required, please refer to the notes of the respective exercises / units / methods.
If you would like to make the roll-up game more lively, you can use additional accessories, which should be provided by you depending on the rolling game.
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