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Role playing game

Course planning - Step
Reflection and discussion phase

In the reflection and discussion phase, the focus is on the different feelings and visions, to stimulate an understanding process, and to agree on some fundamental insights (eg that each attack takes on its own person differently and treat them individually).

This can be done by various methods. A discussion group in the chair circle is conceivable, in which the game management incorporates specific questions to the participants.

The following questions for the guidance of the reflection / discussion round can be helpful:

  • What about the legal situation?
    Tip: In this case that they do not have an expert on site, they should seek information for their country. Because at this stage it is important to convey precise facts to the participants.
  • How did the judge decide?
  • How did the actors behave?
  • Did you react correctly or would you have been able to react differently? What might have changed?
  • What feelings were visible to the observers? Have you expected these feelings?
  • What are the possibilities to deal with one's own feelings, to recognize and respect the other, and to "strengthen" oneself and others for the specific case?

Another variant is that the game management first let report all the players involved about their thoughts and feelings during the game, and then lets each observer name three of his most striking keywords from his observation sheet, and then enters the group reflection and discussion phase together. Again, the above questions can be a support in discussion.

An alternative to the observation sheet are metaplanes. Each observing participant receives three metaplane types and one edding, on which he / she notes one of his / her three concise impressions / questions / notes.

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